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Happy News - LaLa Land Kind Cafe


While everyone is struggling to get through these hard times, we asked ourselves how could we help you, our favorite people? And we answered it with the obvious - ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HAPPY! So here it is!

Happy News l Happy Home l Happy Places l Happy People

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'Tis the Season to Travel


The solution to your holiday blues?  Plan a Trip!

Next year, we'll be headed somewhere for Christmas and New Year's ....but where? Join me as I price and compare my options. Help me decide! For the first time, we CAN plan a trip and we sure have plenty of reasons to get away. We'll take our traditions with us. But, where or where should we go? Let's figure it out together!

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Rider Swap 101

When you have young children, or even a family member, who either can't or may not want to ride certain attractions, it's always a question of who will have to stay behind in order to stay with them.  Well at Disney, no one has to miss out on the fun.  Rider Swap  (or sometimes called Rider Switch) is offered at both Disneyland ...
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Top 10 Harry Potter treats at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


​Ready for the best part of Harry Potter? 

That's right! It's time for some Honeydukes!

Presenting the Top 10 Treats in NO particular order.....

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It's Potty Time!


I don't care how much you want to pretend you're going to be able to drive straight-through-without-stopping.  You are NOT going to do that, and you might as well deal with it now, my friend.  Once you've dealt with this reality, it's time to plan ahead to make life pleasant. 

Let's Get-R-Done and make pottying fun, again!

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