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Top 10 Harry Potter treats at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


​Ready for the best part of Harry Potter? 

That's right! It's time for some Honeydukes!

Presenting the Top 10 Treats in NO particular order.....

​The Constipation Sensation, Sweeping the Nation

Sure, they're basically M&M's, but check out that awesome keepsake jar you get to take home with you or give to the unlucky soul you left behind! Fred & George knew what they were doing, when they put this tasty treat out during the worst part of the Voldemort uprising. 

Chocolate Cauldron? Yes, Please!

Percy probably has some concerns about the sturdiness of these Chocolate Cauldrons, but we don't care, because they are YUMMY!

Exploding Bonbons!

With chocolate and pineapple inside, we love these treats for how unique they are - just like the wizards who created them! 

Pepper Imps!

From the time Ron mentioned these on the Hogwarts Express, we knew we'd buy some during our 3rd year visits to Hogsmeade! Their spicy yumminess definitely lives up to their reputation!

Lemon Drops!

Along with the adorable jar to take home, we love lemon drops for the sweet melancholy feeling we have for Dumbledore, who loved them so much.

Blood Pop!

Thank God they're cherry flavored! We would have definitely carried these with us during our time at Professor Slughorn's parties, just to keep his guest vampires away!

Ton Tongue Toffee!

Oh Fred. Oh George. Dudley was definitely going to pick up this yummy goodness when you dropped them before stepping into the fireplace. How could he help it? SO Yummy!

Chocolate Frogs!

One of the most famous treats of all - Chocolate Frogs! And to answer the obvious question, YES! They do include trading cards. Sadly, they don't move around. They must be tired.

Pumpkin Juice!

A definite favorite - this drink tastes like Christmas! Sweet and yummy, it's the treat everyone looks forward to. Too bad we can't have it for breakfast every morning, like they do at Hogwarts.

Jelly Slugs!

We love this treat for its' beautiful presentation & portability. Our chocolate frogs melt, pumpkin juice gets drunk & the jars are glass, which often leaves us with this cuteness for gifts and giveaways.

​Now that you've seen our top 10 favorites, which one would you choose?

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