3D Travel's Hiring Timeline

To help you plan, you should know we are accepting applications at any time, but our high standards require time and effort for both of us. To be considered, you'll need to complete 4 steps and be invited to schedule an interview. You will be notified within 24 hours of participating in the interview if you are going to be offered a contract.

Step 1: Upload a brief video

Step 2: Submit an online application

Step 3: Take an open-book test

Step 4: Have three referrals fill out an online form

Take care to represent yourself well in both your written and spoken communication. Once you've submitted everything completely, you should hear within a week if you are invited to schedule an interview.

Excellence takes time, and most agents spend between one and two months immersing in our online training modules while being shepherded by our leaders and mentored by our mentoring team. You are never left to flounder. Instead, you will always be receiving excellent advice from the team of 3D Travel Professionals as you complete each segment of training. Once you're finished with your first certification training, you can begin to promote and sell while learning how to market to your ideal client and grow with integrity and confidence.

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