Episode 44: Preparing to be Embarrassed on a Virgin Cruise

Sandy & CB chat openly about husbands, happiness, and double entendre aboard a Virgin Voyage. CB is about to hop on for the first time and David has plans!

Episode 43: Quick Q&A - Can I Skip One of the Universal Parks?

With 3 of the top theme parks in the world, Sandy and CB answer which Universal Orlando Resort theme park you should skip and why?

Episode 42: Quick Q&A - Can I Pass Off My 3 Year Old as 2?

All of a sudden it’s time to buy tickets, upgrade your room and even pay at the buffet. So, can you just pass off your 3 year old as 2 and under?

Episode 41 Quick Q&A - Where Can I Buy a Harry Potter Wand?

“The wand chooses the wizard” but where can you go to be chosen? And do you want to go there? CB & Sandy dig deep into their memories and pockets to answer.

Episode 40: Quick Q&A - Can I Do 4 Disney Parks in a Day?

Find out if you can do 4 Disney parks in a day, should you? Would you? And did Carol Beth succeed when she tried? Sandy finds out.

Episode 39: Quick Q&A - Should I Buy Memory Maker?

A Disney vacation is expensive and we have quality cameras on our phones, so is Memory Maker really "worth it"?

Episode 38: Quick Q&A - Is the Skyliner Scary or Hot?

No air conditioned bucket in the sky can be comfortable. Or can it? CB and Sandy disagree on this one!

Episode 37: WDW Disney Access Service Updates Part #1

From pre-registration to integration with Genie+, we're covering all the pre-trip prep for anyone needing Disney Access Service in this week's podcast.

Episode 36: Flying - An Updated How To Guide

All 3 of the 3D TravelCast are back in the studio for a full-length episode walking you through preparation, packing, security, seating and beyond!

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