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It's Potty Time!


I don't care how much you want to pretend you're going to be able to drive straight-through-without-stopping.  You are NOT going to do that, and you might as well deal with it now, my friend.  Once you've dealt with this reality, it's time to plan ahead to make life pleasant. 

Let's Get-R-Done and make pottying fun, again!

FABulous apps for pit-stops and pottying!

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IExit is awesome!

On iExit, you can find out what's at each exit, so you can plan when to take food IN & when you'll need to potty, too!  This app integrates with Yelp & Gas Buddy, letting you plan the perfect pit-stop.  

You can also look for Sit Or Squat & Flush Toilet Finder in your app store.  Make sure & read the reviews on Flush Toilet Finder, though.  They don't seem to update as often as one would hope!  Sit or Squat is hosted by Charmin, so it's likely to stay updated.  Every potty is reviewed with either a "Sit" (safe to sit) or "Squat" (you'll want to squat, because P.U. Dirty!)

I have to throw in one more - it's great & I love the name. Wondering Where to Wee?  <-- Great app to let you know!

A Few Pottying Facts to help you along.....

Do you know what a diuretic and/or a laxative is?  Are you a fan of fiber in your regular life? How much junk food can you kid take in before he pukes and misses the potty?  These are all questions that need an answer to be successful in your potty-planning during a road trip.  

Soft Drinks, Tea, Water, Juice and what they DO to YOU.

First off, don't give anyone in your family an energy drink or energy packs on the road.  It's stupid.  People die.  Just don't do it.  But let's talk caffeine, juice & other items that make you *go*, shall we?

If you eat like a poor college student at home, then by all means, take your pig trough on the road and have at it! I'm jealous. But if you or your family rarely indulge in some items & make your road trip the exception, just because you think it will keep everyone more happy, then I have news for you.  Or rather, your bladder and bowels will have news for you & it's not going to be what you want to hear from them!

Caffeine in larger doses than you're used to can have an ugly laxative effect. It comes with cramping and it's immediate.  When you combine this with eating more junk food & fast food than you're used to, it gets even worse.  See, you're dramatically reducing your fiber intake, which will make your poo rather......hard.  Worst case scenario is a cramping set of intenstines with some packed up poo, which I'm sorry to tell you, will herald its' arrival with painful, and often stinky flatulence. 

Caffeine is also a diuretic. A diuretic works to your bladder like laxatives work for your bowels.  You're going to tinkle more.  Juice is a laxative - a more gentle one, but still has a laxative effect for those who aren't used to it. And though it seems obvious, it bears saying - if you give the kids soft drinks & juice instead of water, they are going to drink more than they would otherwise. If you give them junk food, they'll eat more, which leads them to drink more.  All of this means more stops along the way, and you don't want that!  

Packing Items for the Potty 

You've downloaded the apps & made your intake/output plan for the road PLUS gotten it approved by your driving buddies.  Now, you need to make sure you have a box or bag with the following items.  You'll be SO glad you did.

  • ​Toilet paper.  Just bring it.  I'm not going to tell you about our emergency or who needed the T.P., but they did & we were so grateful to have it!
  • Flushable wipes.  See above!
  • Paper Towels
  • Trash Bags
  • Bleach Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Dramamine, even if you've never needed it before!
  • Stool softener, if you're throwing caution to the wind & eating those chips & donuts!
  • Fiber, for the same reason.  
  • Chewable pepto-bismol.  These are great to chew right before you eat a questionable meal.

YOU are ready, now! Reading this series of posts is a sign of your intelligence & ability to plan ahead.  Your family will thank you later - and your sense of comfort & smell will thank you now!  Happy Road Trippin'!

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Written by Carol-Beth Scott, owner of 3D Travel

I spent hundreds of summer hours in my childhood as the lone child in the back of a series of vehicles owned by my father, a traveling salesman.  I didn't visit many landmarks or theme parks, but I did see much of the nation's cities from that backseat & more cows than I could count.  I learned to look forward to a stop off at Stuckey's and how to make new friends at the latest motel's swimming pool. Now, I can plan a road trip like no other - with many unique stops and a ton of built-in fun!  I've finally learned to love Road Trippin'!

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