An Inside Look at all things 3D Travel

From the viewpoint of owner, Carol-Beth Scott

Carol-Beth Scott is the owner of 3D Travel, blessed to share this journey with her amazing team + incredible family. 

The Pain of Success


Last week, I wrote the 3D Travel Team a letter & received notes of encouragement for many days as different team members heard something that resonated.  Even our wonderful Charlene took time to tell me she thought it was relevant enough to send out every 6 months, as we're all in different stages of success and need to hear it again. Perhaps you need to hear this, too? 

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Why We Fell in Love with Disneyland Hotel Club Level/E-Ticket Club


​We heard it was the best club level option in Anaheim, and with the name "E Ticket Club" the Disneyland Hotel set our expectations high. We've stayed at nearly club level on both coasts, in most chains and even at Universal. Thankfully, our expectations were met & even exceeded during our recent visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. 

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We're Celebrating the 3D Travel Team!


Whether you recently booked a trip or it's been awhile, you can always take time to show your favorite 3D Travel Specialist some love & make a real difference in their life. Not only will it make them feel good, it will help them grow their business. Our team members use the commission earned on your trips to put their kids through college and school, dance lessons, sports and activities. They build their own family memories with trips and experiences and of course, pay those pesky bills that show up each month. You can help their income grow & make them feel loved at the same time by doing either step below - or both!

Most of our agents grow business nearly 100% by referral and we have two ways you can help referrals happen:

  1. Submit a review on our website to grow their reputation, and
  2. Share a photo and write up (examples & photos to grab are below) with your friends & family to let people know how to book their own trip on social media or via email!
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Favorite Finds when you dine at Margaritaville at sea!


 Aboard the Norwegian Bliss, we found our favorite meal of all - at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at sea!

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How one bus ride changed our bad day (and our attitude) in Victoria, British Columbia


​From the moment we woke up that day, we had an attitude.
It wasn't anyone's fault but our own & we didn't know the cure was a big dose of Canadians. 
But it was! It absolutely was!

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