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Trip Report Teaser - Meet Hannah! #3DEpicGirlsTrip


​Your new travel buddy? Hannah Scott! She rode shotgun on the most Epic Florida Girls Trip EVER & now you can come along!


​Before you embark on this trip report with us - that will be many, many parts - you should get to know my travel companion. This is my daughter, Hannah.

Hannah is 15 - she'll be 16 (and probably driving) by the end of this summer. Hannah is VERY family centered. She loves home, family and God - in reverse order. I can't talk her into going to camp or auditioning for any of the performing arts schools in our area "But, mom, I want to homeschool and stay here with you." so you'd think she wouldn't be adventurous. But, you'd be wrong!

Hannah was always 1st. She was 1st to put her face in the water, to slide down the big slide, to touch the scary creatures. Hannah runs towards anything that intimidates her. surpassing every single one of us who live with her. I can only imagine the amazing things she'll be doing in her future.

But for now, she wants to travel. With me! And what a trip we had! From singing to dancing, flying cheese to epic sneezes (and other bodily functions) we filled every moment with more fun than even we thought possible.

As I write this, Hannah is working with a junior production of The Jungle Book. It's tech week, and she's sending me video snippets of the little ones she's so very proud of. I'm so thankful to have this precious time with my girl.

And we're sharing it with YOU! Follow along with all of our posts & see what I'm talking about. Enjoy every moment with Hannah Scott. 

Like you can help it! #3DEpicGirlsTrip Let's go TOGETHER!

Trip Report - On Our Way! #3DEpicGirlsTrip
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