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Choosing the BEST Firework's Viewing Spot during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​I'm sharing this with you in layman's terms, because fore and aft, starboard and oh my's confusing! I'll give it to you straight & you WILL get the very best spots for viewing the show and fireworks during the Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!

​Now, dear travelers, to make the best use of what I'm about to tell you, you're going to have to take some responsibility for getting up on deck early enough to really maximize this advice.

Can you do that? It may mean you dine a bit more rapidly than the 2 hours you took the previous evening, if you have late seating. If you have early seating, you'll want to plan ahead and maybe not step into that last activity with your family and instead say "Hey! Who wants to see what's going on up on deck?" Either way, you're going to need to be more dialed into your schedule that evening, if you want the BEST spot for fireworks viewing.

And if you do, then you're going to head up to the top deck early. It's different on different Disney ships, but you're going to want the TOP deck. Once you're there, you're going to position yourself where you're facing the stage, but you don't want to be dead on. You want to be standing to the LEFT of the stage. 

Don't stand all the way in the back left corner. As you're deciding your spot, look to the right and see how clear your view is out to sea over the OTHER side of the ship. If you can see all sky, you're good. If part of the smokestack is in the way, shift until you're clear.

There! You've done it! You are in the BEST spot for fireworks viewing!

One last item of note, before you save & pin, print and treasure this post forever. :-) If you have adults or kids who will be excited to take part in the dance party immediately following the fireworks, give it a minute for the exterior crowds to clear before you head down to the lower deck. You have PLENTY of time. No need to be a salmon!

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