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FALLing in LOVE with Disneyland Resort!


Pumpkins, Pastries, Costumed Cars + A smoking Headless Horseman = a delightfully spooky Happiest Place on Earth!

​Last week, I landed at LAX, ready to learn about how to better market Disneyland Resort - THE Happiest place on earth. I didn't realize I'd fall in love with the parks and the resort in a whole new way.

After landing, I hopped aboard Walt Disney Travel Company's new preferred private transportation, arriving at Disneyland Hotel within an hour of landing. I'd originally intended to go into the park, but as soon as I saw my room, my plans changed! I only wanted to rest and relax, get a little bit of work done and get ready for what I knew would be a special evening.  

Ordering room service at Disneyland Hotel was simple and easy. I had the Caprese sandwich with house made chips, and they helpfully delivered a bucket of ice for me. My room included a King sized bed, lounging chair, desk and desk chair and best of all, a headboard that lights up with fireworks and sings "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" to help you go to sleep. (Did you just sing that?  I can't help but sing it every.single.time!)

After a little bit of rest and work in my room, I got cleaned up and headed out for a reception and special viewing of Wonderful World of Color (video coming soon!) - did you know World of Color changes frequently?  I've seen 4 versions in the last few years, and it's always amazing. My favorite version was during the 60th anniversary, but I have a feeling they'll top it! (Hint! Hint!)

I visited with Mickey & Minnie (they always act like they KNOW me!) and had a wonderful meal, like only Disney can provide. But it was all just the beginning.  At bedtime, I was serenaded to sleep - and there was tomorrow!  Tomorrow - at Disneyland! 

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