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​In order to experience the Ultimate Trip to Walt Disney World, you need to get YOUR head in the right place! Too many vacations are destroyed by mislaid expectations, overly-packed schedules and a general bad attitude. And you know what? I'm NOT talking about the kids.  I'm talking about YOU, mom & dad!

​Whatever brought you to the table - whether you're booking a trip to Walt Disney World because you know you love the place, think you'll love the place or feel obligated to visit the place - YOU have the potential to destroy everything you hoped for, and of course you don't want that!  Read on & you'll be able to make absolutely sure you don't make a mess of things & get in the way of hidden magic!

​Yes, you've spent a lot of money.  Yes, you are going to walk & walk & walk each day, wait in lines and stand for shows. You may even get there and find out your kids are more excited about the resort pool or the little splash pads than the headliners, or that they'll absolutely refuse to ride any BIG rides or something in the dark.  Good grief!  What are you going to do, now? Well, if you don't plan ahead, you're going to lose control. You may embarass yourself and you'll definitely make it worse instead of better. Forcing a scared child on a thrill ride isn't any parents shining moment, and yelling at your kid on Main Street USA may be a memory shared by hundreds of parents, but it's certainly not the memory they brage about! Thankfully, you get to make a choice before your child is moody, things don't go as you hoped or some rude guest batters you with their stroller.

As much as we'd ALL like to believe otherwise, when you're at Walt Disney World, you're still going to be with.......Now, prepare yourself.......PEOPLE!  And, hear this!  You're also going to be dealing with..........again, I'm so sorry.........TECHNOLOGY. People and technology are everywhere in the parks and the worst of it may be in your own family group!  Which parent doesn't have a moment where they want to yell "Shut up, and put down that phone!" But, this trip is supposed to be magical, bonding and rejuvenating. What to do?  What to do? Be the person fo fix it! That's what you'll do!

You get to choose how YOU respond to ALL of the people.  You get to choose how YOU respond to ALL of the technology. If you walk in deciding you're going to have a good attitude, no matter what, you'll set the tone for your entire family. If your happiness depends on your entire group being happy all the time, then life is going to be tough. Some travelers are even worse about it and actually think they need every cast member (employee), guest (tourist) and also every last family member to be happy all the time. It's easy to tell when people are like this, because they lose their cookies when anyone else in the parks has a *moment*. Unlike those people, you get to decide not to give your power over to others & choose to have fun anyway! And when you do, your family and friends will follow the leader!  

And when you make the best of interruptions and attitudes, technological blips and weather issues, you unlock the magic of Disney!  How?


​Getting control of the kids without losing control of yourself can be tricky! The key to this part is planning ahead. Preparation is key! Everyone is going to be tired, over-stimulated & they're dealing with people and technology, too! Every age benefits from practice runs at home. If your child won't come to you when you call them down from the McDonald's playground, they're much more likely to run away in a crowd of thousands at Disney. Get control of it by practicing before it's absolutely necessary for your child's safety! Also, many kids (and adults) are very well served just talking about what to expect.  YouTube videos are great for individual attractions and one of our favorite tools is Google Earth.  They have a special partnership with Disney, allowing you to soar and look around the parks and resorts before you arrive.  Everyone can benefit from this little piece of familiarity.

Avoid overplanning by listening to your 3D Agent when they tell you Enough is Enough! You can't do it all. Don't try! If you don't have unreasonable expectations in your head, you're much more likely to enjoy yourself. Also, a byproduct of overplanning is too much time on transportation, when you could be making memories instead! Squeeze the magic out of every moment is so much better than trying to "keep up"!  

Do you have more tips for weary travelers to keep the magic in their vacation?  Comment and let us know!

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