We loved everything Amy did and I have been suggesting her to everyone! Amy helped ease my mind, and helped me relax about our trip. Knowing she was watching for deals and keeping track of dates allowed me to enjoy my countdown. She was even able to get an 8:00 am reservation for Be Our Guest the day of my birthday! I was so excited for that! I can’t wait to book my next trip with her!!

- Hailey Hughes
Walt Disney World


My family recently vacationed at Disney World and Universal Studies in Orlando, FL. I cannot express how grateful I am for our agent, Amy. We had a fantastic, memorable time in Orlando. Everything went very smoothly. All of the advice and information Amy gave us was extremely helpful. The transportation arrangements were seamless. Our experience would not be anything near what it was without her assistance. Additionally, we had to reschedule our entire trip because of a hurricane. Amy also made this process simple and flawless. We will definitely use Amy again for future travel. Much thanks to her and 3D Travel!

- Brian Allenbrand
Walt Disney World

Amy was amazingly patient with each change I had to make. The cruise started out with 8 people and 2 cabins. Then 3 cabins. Then the hurricanes came but she was reassuring we’d still have good time, not because she was selling on still going but from travel experience. I trusted her judgement. Within our family, as questions were raised, it started out as “What does Amy think about...” and ended “When I checked my email, Amy said...” She was always quick to respond! Then one family member couldn’t go. Amy was patient with this change and worked the situtation so it didn’t cost anything extra. Right before the cruise, a family member got sick and Amy was patient with me dealing with that cancelation. She again tried to work it where the additional costs were minimal. She offered helpful hints on what to do once on the boat to make it more to what we wanted. I’m praying our next vacation plans go smoother for her!  So yes, we will be looking to her for our beach resort vacation!! Sorry if this was too long but I wanted you to known how helpful Amy was to making this cruise work.

- Stacy Dionne Harpole
Holland America Line


I can't imaging trying to plan our trip without Amy's help. She offered such wonderful advice that helped me put together the best 5th birthday celebration for my daughter! Our trip was easy and well-planned without being over scheduled. We had an amazing time and will never forget how wonderful everything turned out. Thanks Amy!

- Erin Elizabeth Harlow
Walt Disney World

I have to brag and say Amy Pruitt is seriously the best. She made this magical vacation the best from getting up super early and getting to book all our dining reservations, working her magic to get us lunch in Cinderella castle! To suggesting and booking a great restaurant for us to finish our lady night in Disney. I have been to Disney since I was a young child, and nothing compared to her commitment, quick responses, and planning our families best vacation ever! So much more organized, complete, and magical all from her time spent which I know was as all hours of the day. Thank you Amy! Can't wait to book more amazing vacations.

- Krystal Marie Bryant
Walt Disney World


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