Amy has booked two trips to Disney for our family in the past 3 years. The first was a trip for just my husband and I to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, and the second was a 'Christmas present' trip for us and 6 of our children. Even though both were visits to the same place, they each required a different type of experience. She stepped up both times, suggesting things to tailor each vacation to make it a truly memorable time. Since then, I have requested a quote or two, and though we have yet to actually book another trip (hoping to change that in the next few months!) she has never hesitated to do the legwork to let me know what I was looking at budget wise. Amy is an EXCELLENT travel agent that promotes well on Facebook but never come off as pushy, is incredibly helpful and friendly, and genuinely loves her job.

- Kristie Lee Waldron
Disney World


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