This is was our third Walt Disney World trip planned through Amy Pruitt. We were referred to her through a family friend, and I had no idea how helpful an agent could be. I think many people assume they are too costly and always are looking to save during a trip. However, I learned quickly that my agent, and certainly all of the 3D agents I'm sure, work to find the best deals and discounts. With that being said, I may have been to Disney many times, but I've never experienced it the way we have with Amy. From right of the plane all the hospitality, to the resort, to the Disney staff and all our dining reservations all made to perfection from our agent. I wouldn't have known to book half the things she does, let alone always mention to Disney our special occasion and how the resort always mentions it to us with a personal note and typically a small gift. It's such a stress free experience knowing I'm planning none of it... Lol. No seriously, with the amount of work she does, I couldn't put a price on it. So much so, that we just booked our 2020 trip with the best agent! Thank you always. I'm hoping to always be able to vacation and enjoy life. Love the woody family.

- Krystal Marie Bryant
Walt Disney World


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