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Finding ALL the Party Fun during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​Back in the day, there was a single game in the family club area on each ship, then a single party where Mickey saved the day & fireworks where enjoyed by one and all!

As long as you showed up to dinner back then, you got your bandana and all was right in Pirate world. But, now there are multiple options for all ages to party-party-party on deck and around the ship. What should be your priorities when you sail?

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Top FIVE ways to make the most of Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


We just hopped on and off the Disney Dream last weekend for a 3 night cruise, and just like when we sail aboard all the other Disney Cruise Ships - The Disney Fantasy, The Disney Magic & the Disney Wonder - one of our very favorite parts of the cruise is enjoying all the fun of the Pirates IN the Caribbean Party.

And now we're back to give you pointers for YOUR Pirates IN the Caribbean Party Planning. Are you ready? Here are the Five MOST important ways to plan your time aboard the ship! Click each blue banner to read more!

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Meeting Captain Jack during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​Of course, there are characters all over the ship during every sailing of Disney Cruise Line. And there are few things as cute as seeing Minnie Mouse dressed up as a pirate maiden aboard ship! 

But our favorite pirate now and forevermore is Captain Jack. 

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Dressing the Pirate PART during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​Nearly every sailing aboard Disney Cruise Line, you have the opportunity to participate in the ultimate Pirate's IN the Caribbean Party at sea! And if you're doing it right, you dress as a pirate.It's not just the kiddos doing the dressing up! Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, Parents and friends ALL plan and wear pirate gear all night long!

During time on deck, it's like a giant sea of black and red. (We love it!)

And by planning ahead, you can enjoy a much more comfortable outfit, spend less and participate with confidence. Why wouldn't you?

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We made it to Florida (Citrus Center)! #3DEpicGirlsTrip


​After 3 days of driving, we've made it to Florida. Tomorrow the fun begins!

But today.....today we visited one of the iconic Florida Citrus Centers. Have you been?

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