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Finding ALL the Party Fun during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​Back in the day, there was a single game in the family club area on each ship, then a single party where Mickey saved the day & fireworks where enjoyed by one and all!

As long as you showed up to dinner back then, you got your bandana and all was right in Pirate world. But, now there are multiple options for all ages to party-party-party on deck and around the ship. What should be your priorities when you sail?

What do YOU think of this Pirate party host?

​We often tell people they can sail aboard Disney Cruise as an all adult couple or group & not be immersed in small children unless they want to be, but you can't fully escape the little pirates and princesses aboard. Why would you want to? 

However, even the most kiddo loving adult will want to plan ahead and visit the deck party geared for the older crowd during Pirate's Night aboard the Disney Cruise ships. Alternatively, if you have littles in your party, you won't want to miss the party planned just for them to play and have fun without too much scary stuff.

To answer the needs of ALL the bucaneers aboard ship, Disney Cruise Line has provided two deck party options - The first one is earlier in the day, when it's still light outside. The stars of this party are Mickey and Friends, with dancing and playing and uber-cool carnival type games on deck with friendly "pirate" crew members. This party is  HUGE hit with littles, but it was also a HUGE hit with the two 15 year old girls sailing with me last weekend. Both of them laughed and played the pirate games on deck and smiled at all the tiny pirate costumes surrounding them.

I love how Disney cruises make even the most skeptical teens remember they're still a kid!

Much later, after both seatings have finished with dinner, comes the BIG party with fireworks. Except now, Captain Jack is the one *saving the day" and there are pirates that "Board the Vessel" during the party. If it's been awhile since you cruised, this is the party you remember but with a new show. 

My 3 teens LOVE to stay and dance with the pirates after the fireworks. Plan ahead to join in the fun!

Both parties have a skeleton host who chats from the screen. He's....unique. Form your own opinions of him - I'm not sure what I think? He lets you know when it's time to countdown to party time, keeps the kids engaged and scares me a little. I guess I do know what I think! HA!

Disney Cruise Line is the only cruise line approved to shoot off fireworks at sea. For that reason, you can look off in the distance to see other ships gathered around to show their guests the "free" fireworks show. But you are ON the Disney Cruise. Hop up to the top deck and watch! The fireworks are timed to pirate music and it's an experience you'll always remember.  

Click on the link below to Choose the BEST Fireworks Viewing Spot for the party. ARRRRRR you going to one party or both? (Hint: You should totally do BOTH!)

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