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We're Celebrating the 3D Travel Team!


Whether you recently booked a trip or it's been awhile, you can always take time to show your favorite 3D Travel Specialist some love & make a real difference in their life. Not only will it make them feel good, it will help them grow their business. Our team members use the commission earned on your trips to put their kids through college and school, dance lessons, sports and activities. They build their own family memories with trips and experiences and of course, pay those pesky bills that show up each month. You can help their income grow & make them feel loved at the same time by doing either step below - or both!

Most of our agents grow business nearly 100% by referral and we have two ways you can help referrals happen:

  1. Submit a review on our website to grow their reputation, and
  2. Share a photo and write up (examples & photos to grab are below) with your friends & family to let people know how to book their own trip on social media or via email!

This Month Only! Three Chances to win $250!

CHANCE #1 Submit a Review THIS Week & you'll be entered into a drawing for a $250 Gift Card! We'll do the drawing *LIVE* in our Facebook Group on Monday, November 11th and announce it immediately. WAHOO!

CHANCE #2 If you're *NEW* to joining our Facebook Group, you'll be entered into a 2nd drawing for (Guess What?) another $250! We'll do that drawing on Monday, November 18th!
Join Our Facebook Group Here -->


*Review must be submitted between today and no later than the morning of November 11th to be eligible to win either drawing.
*You must be an active client of 3D Travel with a trip booked within the last 2 years or to take place in the next 2 years.
*You must be a member of our Facebook Group to claim your prize on the day of the drawing and remain so until receipt of your prize.
*You can't be a member of the 3D extended family.
*Your gift card will be sent to you uninsured via snail mail (as they won't insure gift cards) OR you can opt to have $250 applied to any trip we've booked.
*Gift cards will be sent out or called in for payment the first week of December.

CHANCE #3 Finally, You can help your agent win $250 toward his/her next onsite training! Like & comment on their photo in this album on Facebook to help them win! We'll do this final drawing on Monday, November 25th!

1. Write a Review of your Agent 

When you write a review of your agent on our website (log in first!) we check it for spelling and other errors, then we launch it into the wild for others to read and discover the wonderful team member being reviewed. We also take some of your words and layer them on top of a photo for your agent to share on social media, like the example below. Your reviews are the gifts that keep on giving! And even if you've written one in the past, your agent would love to hear from you now & so would we.

You can also review your agent on their Facebook page or 3D Travel's Facebook page. Just make sure to mention them by their full name to help others find them.

 2. Do a Social Media or Email Shoutout!
Grab your favorite photo below (or use one of your own).

Are you on social media and/or would be willing to shoot an email to your friends & family? Share one of our photos or grab one of your own & let people know what a good thing you have going! Make sure to tag them or send a link directly to their page. You can find their pages on our website. Just cut & paste the URL from their page & share away!
You can use the review you wrote or grab this wording:
________ booked our trip to __________ and I loved working with her so much, I want to recommend her and give you the chance to work with her, too! Her email address is You can learn more about her at ________________ (web page).

 I hope many of you will take time to do this for your agent. Working with each of our team members personally is my greatest pleasure & I imagine one of yours, too! The travel industry is one of the few professions where people save money by using a savvy professional and stand to lose money and value if they book direct or through an unproven professional. You're not only helping your favorite agent, you're helping your friends & family, too!

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