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My First Helicopter Ride!

​Confession: I was really unsure about this adventure, and was secretly hoping that the weather might not cooperate so I could easily back out!

In December 2017, I took my first helicopter ride, while visiting Grand Cayman on a research trip with Carol Beth Scott. I have to admit that I went into this unique experience with a bit of trepidation. The ride was arranged for us as a part of our island visit, and I was really not sure whether or not I wanted to participate. '

The weather had been a little iffy the day before, and I was secretly hoping it might stick around so I could easily back out. No such luck, though, as the next morning we were headed to the airport for our ride. 

Our pilot, Jerome, met us at the desk and went over some of the instructions and safety measures, and reassured those of us who were on the fence about actually climbing into the helicopter. 'I found myself following the group and taking a seat. I put on my headphones, snapped a couple of really bad selfies, said a little prayer, and we were lifting off! 

The ride was much smoother than I expected, and once I settled down a bit, I really enjoyed looking at the beauty around us from our new vantage point. We could see the entire island, and I could pick out some of the landmarks we had already seen on our trip as we made our way across the island. 

The water was so many incredible shades of blue! Once we were over the water, I was amazed by how crystal-clear it was. We could see the reefs below, and when the pilot flew us over Stingray City we could even see the stingrays swimming in the water. This was really the only point of the ride that the motion got to me much, as Jerome tilted us to look down at them, but I just looked out at the horizon for a little bit and all was well. 

As we continued our exhilarating tour, Jerome told us what we were seeing and shared a lot of interesting information about the island. We flew down 7-Mile Beach and could see the row of resorts, and were able to pick out the one we stayed at as we flew by.

Before we knew it, we were heading back to the airport and coming in for a landing. Our thrilling ride was over, I had done it - and I survived! It was a really interesting way to see the island and to see a different beauty in it than I would have been able to see from the ground.

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