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Just Add Water? Do I WANT an Instant Travel Agent?


​Just how easy IS it to become a travel agent? Well, if you want to be an INSTANT Travel Agent, it's easy. But, if you want to be GOOD, it's extremely hard!

Have you had an offer to "sell travel" and get your own travel for a tremendous discount? Have you seen an advertisement that tells you that you should become a "Disney Travel Agent" because your friends ask you questions about Disney all the time and shouldn't you get paid for it? Maybe you've had a friend of yours become a travel agent, seemingly overnight? And doesn't it make you wonder - Just how easy IS it to become a travel agent? Well, if you want to be an INSTANT Travel Agent, it's easy. But, if you want to be GOOD, it's extremely hard. And if you would like to be EXCELLENT, it may be one of the hardest things you've ever done. At 3D Travel Company, we only hire the very best AND we spend time bonding with our team and polishing up all training videos and manuals, processes and rewards. To even begin training with us, you must pass multiple tests and your knowledge of Disney is just the step that gets your foot in the door. Because after that, the hard part begins. 

  • Excellence 
  • Integrity 
  • Consistency 
  • Continuous Training 
  • Teamwork
- These are the words that define the well trained team of 3D Travel Company. 

So, if you see an advertisement where it looks simple and easy, or you are thinking you should work with someone who became an Instant Travel Agent, our advice is to run - don't walk! Far, Far Away! 

Because even if they're wonderful people who really think they have it all together, if they're part of an agency that doesn't walk alongside them on the path to excellence, they're bound to fail somewhere along the line in a big, big way. And that failure could be part of your booking. And if you were thinking you'd just bypass a travel agent and do it yourself, plus pay into a program or otherwise become an Instant Agent so you could get benefits, you should know that offering travel benefits is actually a lie! You will have to earn your way to legitimate benefits or be taught to lie your way to illigitemate ones. 
  • If you earn your way and you paid your way in, you're being charged twice and left without a support system to help you out. 
  • If you are taught to lie, you're buying into an unethical process and more and more Instant Agents who sign up to participate in onsite training to get the low pricing but don't show up for the classes are being called out, thrown out, charged the remainder of what they would have paid and could even experience criminal charges. 

You Should Know: There are other good agencies out there who really do have high expectations of their agents, but as the industry becomes saturated with more and more Instant Travel Agent Travel Agencies, they become harder to find and more difficult to trust. We recommend you ask these questions if you are looking to book a Disney vacation: 

  1. How long has your agency been in business? 3D Travel has been operating since 2005. Be especially cautious of agencies who've come along the last couple of years during the recent wave of Disney Travel Agencies being a dime a dozen. 
  2. How long do your agents train to learn each destination? Our agents take entrance tests, complete a minimum of one month of training for each Disney destination and Cruise, participate in onsite training for each destination or cruise and complete continuing education training year round. 
  3. Are you a full service agency? If you're looking for a concierge level, experience of excellence you want the answer to be no. In the travel industry, less is more. You can only be good at one thing. Therefore, 3D Travel only does Disney Destinations and a select few cruise lines and all inclusive vacations. A few of our agents have branched out to sell Sandals and Beaches, but only after extensive training, onsite island hopping and of course, proving their excellence in all things Disney first! 
  4. What type of support system does my agent have? This is so important, because going it alone is simply too hard. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! From beginning to end, your 3D agent has owners and managers who support them and carry the load with them in real ways - with website, forms, updates, processing and all the other mundane tasks of life that could actually distract an agent from caring for a client. They also have mentors, partners and friends in the agency who walk alongside them and encourage them. Think of the tough things you've done in life and how much harder it is to do it alone. Life comes with hurdles - shouldn't your agent's hurdles come with a backup plan? 
And if you're reading this thinking you are up to the challenge to become more than an Instant Travel Agent.  If you think you have what it takes, then check out the page on our website that tells you how to Join Our Team.  We'd love to see you try!

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty....

by Theodore Roosevelt
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