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From the viewpoint of owner, Carol-Beth Scott

I just visited Toy Story Land!

Look for THESE ears to guide the way!

I just stepped out of Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World & 
I have photos & videos to share with you!

PIN the Fun to find again!

​Last night, I was privileged to be part of a special preview/press event held at the new land in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I personally spent time in Toy Story Land, as part of this event. 

Did Disney do this Pixar masterpiece justice? I think so, but I'd love to hear with you think!

I'll be back with detailed reviews of my experiences, but you can actually see some of my *in the moment* experiences by checking out my album on Facebook

I'd love to know your questions, too! I'm doing my best to find out what I can as I go - what ages, sizes or challenges might make people struggle with some attractions in Toy Story Land? What hidden treasures and treats are there to enjoy? What would YOU like to hear about first! I want to know!

Thanks for reading!

- Carol Beth Scott

"I like to keep my ears BIG and my filters STRONG!"

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