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Baby Care Center 101


As a mom with two young toddlers, I know one of the biggest worries about taking a young child to Walt Disney World is how to take proper care of them.  From diaper changes, to breaks, and even making sure they aren't overheating, it can be very overwhelming. 

So Disney did something to take all of our parental fears away; The Baby Care Centers.

The TV room in the baby care center in Animal Kingdom

Each of the four theme parks has a baby care center.  Magic Kingdom's is located at the end of Main Street USA in between Casey's Corner and The Crystal Palace.  In Animal Kingdom, you will find it on Discovery Island heading towards Africa on the right side of Creature Comforts.  Epcot's center can be found next to the Odyssey Showplace in between Future World and the World Showcase (near Mexico).  The last one is located in Hollywood studios, and is right when you enter the park inside guest services.

Each baby care center has a room filled with changing tables, a store to buy any baby needs such as diapers, medicine or food, a private bathroom, a private room for nursing mothers, and a room for feeding/resting while movies play.   Each care center is always staffed with at least one attendent as well.  Animal Kingdom has the largest center, with Magic Kingdom being a close second. The baby care center at Hollywood Studios is admittedly small, which seems to be due to its location.

These centers are the perfect place to go for any of your children's needs.  My husband and I have been taking advantage of them since our daughter was 5 weeks old, and we have used them more than once just to get the kids out of the Florida heat.  They are super convenient, well cleaned, and can be just what your family needs when you need a moment of peace while at the parks.

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