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Just For Fun!

#My3DTravel1st Character Experience!

I was 18 when Goofy charmed his way into my cheerleader's heart!

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#My3DTravel1st Staying Onsite for the very first time!

I experienced Staying IN the Magic for the very first time, at Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World resort! 

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Allergy Dining at Walt Disney World

​The backlash to dining out with an allergy is real, people. Confusion and judment, impatience and frustration are alive & well, on both sides of the table. But NOT at Walt Disney World Resort.

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#My3DTravel1st l Where will YOU go this year?

Whether it's a 1st trip, 1st cruise, theme park or beach trip or just your 1st time to finally try the escargot, you'll have so much more fun with #My3DTravel1st going on ALL YEAR LONG! 

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Planning the Ultimate Trip to Walt Disney World!

How to plan THE perfect trip for your family 

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