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Planning the Ultimate Trip to Walt Disney World!

How to plan THE perfect trip for your family 

Every family is different, but nearly all of us have one thing in common when going on vacation -  a burning desire to create a trip where we laugh and experience life together in a way removed from the stress of everyday life.  Nowhere else can this be done more effectively than by totally immersing in the world Disney has created in Florida.  This world provides an escape from everyday life by immersing us depply into the fantasies of our childhood and our children's childhood, Walt Disney World is the perfect backdrop for creating future memories.Yes!  You want to go!  But, what happens now?

How do I Begin?

With multiple seasons and over 20 resorts inside the gates competing for your business with a variety of discounts and incentives, floor plans and amenities, it's quickly confusing. Every time someone calls me with some version of this question, often with 100 other questions as they're overwhelmed with what to do and where to go and how?!  "How?" they ask. "How do I start?" And I always answer the same way.  Let's get your head in a bed, my friend.  Let's find the perfect resort for your family, the perfect time for your family. Once we put down your deposit, then we can turn our attention to the many other items on that list. What you don't need to do is decide on a resort just because a friend, family member or neighbor absolutely LOVED it.  That doesn't mean it's the perfect fit for your family or that you will LOVE it.  It just doesn't!"

"What you don't need to do is decide on a resort just because a friend, family member of neighbor absolutely LOVED it.  That doesn't mean it's the perfect fit for your family or that you will LOVE it.  It just doesn't!"

- CB

When I'm advising a vacation goer on choosing the right resort, I honestly weigh so much information into advising them, I had to develop my abilities over many years.  Just some of the items we look at and talk about - 

  •  How many nights will you be able to stay?  And when?  Longer stays with more flexible vacation time makes for broader choices. 
  •  also ask about the style of a traveler.  Is a recovery day needed at the beginning or end of a vacation in order to enjoy the trip or make a successful transition back to "normal" life?  If someone only has a few days of intense vacationing available to them, I'm much more likely to suggest a monorail resort, even if that means giving something else up on the same vacation.  Monorail resorts are beautiful - the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian & the Contemporary - and they have such distinct personalities, anyone can find a place they truly love.  But as deluxe resorts, they're also some of the most expensive.  What make it worth it?  For some people, it's worth it for the convenience of monorail and waterlaunch options to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  But what if you want to stay longer and spend less per night?  Then we're opening the door to many more options.  
  • What is the age of everyone traveling with you?  
  • And does anyone have any limitations - physical, mental or emotional?  Very often these days, I'm having the "stimulation" conversation with clients. I've found over the years, families may not realize they are drawn towards or away from excessively stimulating surroundings, but if I ask the right questions, I find out they already have a pattern. Favorite family activities tell me what they need to actually rest and rejuvenate on their vacation.  Some families are frustrated with the garish colors and loud music of some Disney resorts while others are frustrated with long walks in the foliage on their way to the bus stop.  Which one are you?  

It sounds like I have more questions than answers in this post, and it's because I do!  Next week I'll be tearing up Disney resorts theme by theme, transporation option by transportation option and moving forward to in-resort entertainment and dining + so much more.  To create the Ultimate Walt Disney World vacation, you must first start with getting that Head in a Bed!  

Which Resort will YOU choose?

Time to plan your 2018 Trip!
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