Travel Style

  • Episode 74: Coping with Toddler Tantrums

    Taking toddlers on trips without too many tantrums - can we do it? Yes, we can! Yes, YOU can! We'll show you how with our guest, Joy Oufnac.

  • A Making-Memories Lifestyle

    Summer is winding down to a close. School is starting. Routines are returning to normal. Maybe you are suffering from the post-summer, post-vacation blues. I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish I could live my life on vacation! 

  • Roadtrip Adventures

    We are a roadtripping family!  So far this summer, we have traveled over 4,000 miles on our adventures, and we still have over 2,000 miles of driving planned.  A successful roadtrip does not happen without proper planning!

  • Virgin Voyages - Entertainment at Sea

    There are few times I’ve turned as red as I did during “Never Sleep Alone” a participant-drafted show aboard our Virgin Voyage, hosted by their resident sexologist.

  • Virgin Voyages - Time To Dine

    My favorite cruise companion ate his way across our Virgin cruise and proclaimed Virgin had both the best and worst cruise food he's ever eaten. How’s that for an adventure?

  • Virgin Voyages - Let's Talk About Cabins!

    From mood settings to hammocks on your terrace, Virgin has unique cabins for every Sailor aboard!

  • Virgin Voyages - How Are They Different?

    Virgin Voyages challenge cruisers to think differently and experience life at sea differently. But how?