She’s about to sail with passengers for the first time, making Icon of the Seas the largest cruise ship in history. But what does that mean?

What is the biggest ship in the world?


Just how big is BIG?

According to Cruise Mummy, The Icon of the Seas is bigger than the second most giant ship by 5%, the total gross tonnage of the ten smallest cruise ships in the world combined. I wonder how many steps it takes to get across a single deck compared to the others. We’ll just have to find out!

Icon vs. the Titanic

The Sun posted a photo, and the world started asking themselves, “Was I wrong about the Titanic?” For most of us, growing up and imagining this “unsinkable” ship means we thought she must have been huge. And indeed she was. How is it possible that more than two Titanics could be stuffed inside the Icon? 

Titanic vs the Icon of the Seas table graph 

The Sun posted this viral photo that became a phenomenon


Growing up, I only heard about cruising from my somewhat mean-spirited great-grandmother, a woman we all called - and it still embarrasses me to say it - “Big Mama,” but Big Mama never saw a ship as big as this one. Not even close! And even though she took every cousin but me on a cruise, I have more than made up for it since. I’m blessed to have lost count of all the cruises we’ve taken, both as a family and as a member of the travel profession.

From our first family cruise when our tiny daughter thought the safety drill meant she had to jump off the edge of the ship to being part of the pre-inaugural sailing aboard the Icon of the Seas, as a family, we know cruising is one of the best trips to bring our family together; to bring any family together! Bigger ships mean we can make memories apart and share them at mealtimes and on family adventures. Good food and fabulous entertainment are what we expect when we travel. Will Icon live up to our expectations? Stay tuned to find out!


The Icon of the Seas is taller than the Eiffel Tower!


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