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From the viewpoint of owner, Carol-Beth Scott

The Top FIVE Reasons you should be part of the 3D Travel Team!


With so many agencies opening each year, why should you choose 3D Travel to start your new travel career?

​3D Travel opened our doors in 2007 (with just ME!  CB!)  and then expanded to bring aboard our first round of team members in 2007 with the rest of what we call our "Fabulous Five" - and we are ALL.STILL.HERE!  We've grown in layers of love and giving & turned our process into a well-oiled machine which has only served to free us up to build a tremendous leadership, mentoring and training program.  We hone our knowledge and train together, both at home and onsite at Amazing Destinations and aboard Wonderful Cruises.

As a parent, I was afraid I could never love a second child in the all-consuming way I loved my first, but of course, I found out love isn't finite.  It grows and grows! And just like any other family, the love 3D Travel has for our team doesn't ever end.  It just GROWS!

​Becoming a member of the 3D Travel Team is tough.  You have to upload a video, take a test, ask for professional references and most of all, put yourself OUT there to be judged worthy of joining our team.  We make it hard because we know the job is WORK. In fact, because we require so much for anyone who steps out into the world and represents us, it's HARD work!  Anyone who's worked to achieve a goal knows the only way to get real results is with real work.  With 3D Travel's high standards comes the comfort of security, knowing you're trained to excellence, supported in love and did we mention?  You are a member of a FAMILY!  And that means your hard work bears fruit.  Your energy and effort never go unnoticed.  You'll never run empty or come up dry, because we won't let you!  You'll be a member of the team - of the 3D Travel Team!

​By the time I expanded 3D Travel, I'd worked as an Independent Contractor or as the head of a company with independent contractors for 20 years.  I started by teaching dance at the age of 15 and found out very quickly how dead-end a contract job can feel unless you have new rings to reach for.  With each new business venture, I spotted more things I wanted  For that reason, we are constantly providing new reasons to strive, new goals to achieve and a variety of kudos and rewards to receive when you achieve them.  I mean, money isn't everyone's "currency" and I know this, because it isn't often what drives ME!  All this variety adds up to challenging contests, achievable increases in commission and ways to justify that travel dollar.  You'll never be bored when you're a part of the 3D Travel Family!

​We don't break the rules.  The lines are never fuzzy.  Caring for our clients helps us become the best versions of ourselves.  From the moment we first talk about travel opportunities to the day we reach out after a trip, every team member is called to excellence. Sure, we could be like other travel agencies, letting anyone in and allowing them take a quick hour exam on a vendor site and calling it good, but why would we?  Every member of our team calls ourselves to new levels of excellence every day, which trickles down and challenges each of us to do even better than before.  We're inspired by Walt Disney, the Pixar Team, the newest chapter of change at Universal Orlando Resort.....  We bump the lamp, set new goals and push ourselves.  Sound great?  It TOTALLY IS!  

If you've read this far and you feel charged up at the idea of being part of something as special as I've described, then #1 is the absolute truth.  You, my friend, were MADE to be a member of the 3D Travel Team.  Check out our informational page and then seize the day!  I can't wait to meet you!

​- photo credit: Jenn Richardson

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