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My First Time Meeting Mickey Mouse!

​Meeting Mickey Mouse definitely sparked my first love for Walt Disney World!

It was my high school senior trip & I was no different than my classmates. We were beyond excited to be traveling to Walt Disney World! Personally, I was thrilled to see Mickey in his cute red and black tux with the yellow bow tie. 

There's truly nothing like a first character meeting with 6 other giggly teenage girls. And just like in the movies, I felt extremely........ happy! It definitely sparked my first love for Walt Disney World! 

Everything about that day was fun, happy, memorable, exciting, AMAZING!

I'll never forget the build up to the actual moment. I was going to Walt Disney World and I was going to meet THE Mickey Mouse. The anticipation was real. Finally, it was our turn to meet the most famous Mouse in the world. We were not disappointed. I was NOT disappointed! We all came away happy! For the rest of my life, I'll always remember how friendly Mickey Mouse was! 

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