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Gluten Free at Epcot!

For 8 years the Scott family has traveled extensively after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  We've spent countless happy hours dining Table Service, Quick Service, frequent Snacks and during special events at Epcot and we have formed definite opinions on the best (and worst!) places to dine.  Do you dine gluten free, too?  Here is what we recommend for Epcot's Future World!

​Dining near the great big golf ball (otherwise knows as Spaceship Earth) has a lot of appeal, even when you're gluten free!*


  • Disney popcorn everywhere is gluten free!
  • Chip brands can change, but it's worth checking to see if gluten free options are available at participating kiosks.  
  • BUT the best snacks to be found in Epcot Future World are inside The Land pavilion.  Walk back to Sunshine Seasons and look in the open refrigerated sections and adjoining shelves all along the back wall.  There are also food counter & service prep areas in-between.  One snack area is dedicated to allergen free options.  We often stock up while we're there!
  • Also in The Land pavilion and in shops around Epcot are different bagged snacks available from Goofy's Candy Company and outside vendors.  Their sources seem to change from year to year, so be sure to read the allergy warning on the back.
  • Also changing from year to year are the ice cream offerings.  We've been pleased that the famous Mickey Bar has been gluten free without changing.  Some of the popsicles have had wheat in them, though.  Watch out and read those labels.  Any cast member should happily hand you the binder so you can read the ingredients and applicable allergy warnings for yourself.  
Quick Service
  • Electric Umbrella - ​Fast food type gluten free options are available, including a dedicated french fry fryer.  Adequate - nothing to write home about.  We rarely go here.
  • Fountain View - Starbucks - The typical Starbucks offerings are here.  If you've found a safe drink item at home, you'll be able to find it here with fully trained Starbucks personnel.
  • Sunshine Seasons - Here is where Epcot Quick Service shines!  For many years, there has even been a dedicated line for all things gluten free that includes chicken legs and sides for kids, grilled meats and fish with different sides for adults and it is so good you won't believe it's a quick service credit!  There are also salads and other items available.  Once you verify they still have that particular line dedicated as gluten free for your trip, you can enjoy the freedom of walking up just like a "normal person" without waiting for a chef.  It's a beautiful, beautiful thing!
Table Service
  • Garden Grill - Garden Grill is real food, complete with vegetables and fish from their own onsite gardens.  When you combine this with the character experience of Chip and Dale, you truly have something special!  I recommend this location for gluten free diners who are used to recognizing raw ingredients and dining with minimal preparations.  The menu changes from time to time as new chefs appear, but it's neither spicy or adventurous - just simply good.
  • Coral Reef - Coral Reef has an atmosphere unlike anywhere else on property.  Dine with the fishes!  My husband despises fish and he can dine on other meats here without his food tasting "fishy" to him, which could be important to some of your people, too.  ​Because it is simple meats and fish, gluten free dining is easily accommodated.  I'll be honest, though.  It's not spectacular.  I did have some grits and shrimp while I was there a month ago and it was good.  I enjoyed the spicy kick to it.  But it wasn't great.  If you dine here, you'll do it for the atmosphere.  
*Disney chefs and managers are very well trained.  People will actually know what gluten is when you speak to them!  "What, is that dairy?" doesn't happen here. We haven't been glutened anywhere in Epcot's Future World and we don't expect you will, either.  You'll find you can relax the most at Table Service locations, as a chef or manager greets you with obvious knowledge, then departs to prepare your food in a dedicated area.  This happens at quick service locations, too - the dedicated area.  But if you come at a busy time, you may feel rushed and stressed and the wait will be very long on your tired feet.  My best advice for any allergy diner is to try to eat quick service during "off" times.  Never dine at noon and 5:00 - go at 2:00 and 7:00.  

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