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Why Disney Concierge is the Best Value for My Family (and maybe yours)!


​After years of being a Disney Value Resort family - and we still LOVE those value resorts - I recently realized we're consistently choosing concierge / club level resorts when we're at Walt Disney World. 
And why? Because every time I evaluate our options, it's genuinely the best value for our family. Here are the pluses & minuses, the good & the bad so you can decide what you want to do for yours. 

​When evaluating something - ANYthing - I use my 3 pronged approach. I ask myself, how much time and money and emotional energy does something give and take from me. I give this speech to the wonderful team members who work with me, to my children when they're making life decisions and I always ALWAYS apply it to my decision making process for a trip. Before I matured enough to be realistic with how things affected me, I had come home from some trips worn out more than physically. I'd come home weary and sad, having given more of myself than the trip had given me, and I learned from it. If you get nothing from this article except to stop and think about your own balance sheet, then you will have something GREAT you can carry with you for the rest of your days!

But for now, let's get back to Staying Concierge / Club Level at a Disney Resort. Let's talk first about items in the negative column - things that may take more than you're willing or able to give without it robbing you of the joy of your Disney vacation. Here are some fast facts - 

Why Club Level may NOT be for YOU:

1. Club Level at a Walt Disney World Resort is NOT always on par with club level / concierge level at other resorts around the world - the service is unsurpassed - but there are a few thing...... I'm not impressed with the linens, the pre and post level of communication, and I honestly don't feel like people are at my beck and call as they might be in other hotels and resorts. (However, other hotels and resorts don't give me pixie dusted moments, but you'll find those in the plus column.) If you aren't a frequent traveler who often enjoys this type of service in other locations, you honestly will not notice. It's still above and beyond what most of us mere mortals are used to, but if you're used to staying at this level whenever you travel, I encourage you to discuss the Four Seasons with us, instead. For most of us, it's worth it to keep reading......

2. If you're planning to stay in the parks from rope drop (opening) to the end of the fireworks, all the yummy moments in the lounge will not offset your costs, because you won't be there & you won't have much of a chance to experience the magical service available. 

3. You simply can't afford it. 

Clearly, this doesn't add up to enough negative for me. We LOVE to stay immersed in the Disney feeling when we're onsite, so #1 just doesn't weigh that much. We frequently take breaks, always hit their breakfast and often go by in the evenings, so #2 isn't an eliminating factor. What does affect us is #3 & that's how we've consistently been surprised to find out it's been a better value for us to stay concierge. I don't want to share only that part though, I'd like to hit you with the full list - 
Why Club Level May be JUST what YOU are looking for:

1. Upgraded locations make for less walking and searching. Like no other vacation, a Disney parks vacation keeps you moving. By the end of the day, I don't care who you are, you are ready to rest! I do love having my room closer to the action, but even more than that I enjoy having a comfortable lounge to relax in for a bit. I can get a drink of my choice & rest on a CUSHIONED couch or chair. It can make all the difference in my ability to transition to rest at the end of a long and wonderful day.

2. The food offerings are more substantial than people realize. We spend much MUCH less on food when we stay Club Level at Disney. We're able to count on something substantial to fill our tummies before we head out the door and when we are there in the evenings, we honestly don't need to go to dinner. If we have any room left at the very end of the day we can get some desserts, as well. For the drinkers in our party, it's a huge boon to have wine and beer included in the evenings. Finally, they stock the refrigerator in the lounge with cold items you can grab and go with or even take back to your room. It's amazing how quickly all of these will add up for our family of 5. It's a HUGE offset in costs.

3. They accommodate allergies and that's a big time and emotion saver! We have 2 celiac kids, a dad with hemachromatosis and a very diet restricted mom. The 3rd kid eats ALL the things - ha! The lounge staff work with us and keep items ready to go when we are. Not only that, there is typically more food than we can consume when they make it special ahead-of-time. I can't explain to those of you who have to advocate at each meal and snack to make sure what you consume is safe just how amazing it is to have a team of people who are looking out for you and you do NOT have to explain it over and over and over. If you know this firsthand, then you also know why I tear up just typing this. It's truly magical. 

4. Club level lounges offer magical experiences and a quiet respite when needed. Something we all lose in a hotel room is the option to have even a semi-private space for a moment to think and breathe. Not only that, there are special offerings at various concierge level resorts - fireworks views, afternoon tea & more. You'll want to ask your 3D Agent for help in navigating the very best option for your family or group. 

5. Magical Touches make us feel special - from the chocolates awaiting us at check in to the daily printed itinerary left for us each night, there is always something waiting to make us feel loved. 

Still unsure? Check out my photos from two recent stays at Disney's Boardwalk Inn & Disney's Contemporary Resort.
The view from our 2 bedroom club-level suite at Disney's Contemporary Resort

​Below are just some of the offerings available - there are unique food options multiple times a day & even varying by the days of the week!

​Few places compare to the 2 bedroom suites high above the Magic Kingdom, located at Disney's Contemporary Resort.
Check out my recent stay in pictures, below. 

 From Value to Club Level, Campground to Suite, we have experts ready to help you evaluate and plan a vacation that's the best value for your family.
Let us be your advocate by contacting us at to start your journey. 

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