I put a lot of thought and planning into this Disney Cruise. I wanted to be sure that we all had proper outfits for each theme and that we didn't miss a single event or character appearance. Before ANY of that could be considered, though, we had to meander our way through a million decisions regarding dates, cruise routes, ship and room options, costs, etc. Thankfully, our friend Joy Louise Oufnac did all of the leg work for us! She knows all things Disney like the back of her hand. She explained our options, made our reservations, got us upgrades, saved us money where possible, and sent me email invoices with "pay now" buttons to make the process idiot-proof for me. She was even nice about my 500 follow-up texts about things I had forgotten already. And the best part is- we didn't have to pay her a dime. Disney compensates travel agents for you! If you ever want to plan a Disney vacation, do yourself a favor and let Joy do it for you! I'll only warn you that you'll be completely spoiled and ruined and you'll never want to vacation another way again - Jen Klenke Disney Cruise Line

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