Joni Helped set up a family reunion cruise for 38 people. She took care of everything! Having family with special diet needs and special request were no big deal with her. She has and will continue to plan all my family trips!

- Roseann Estrada
Carnival Cruise


Joni is such an amazing and kind person! She has helped my family book our very first Disneyworld vacation 3 years ago, and our first Disneyland vacation last year. She makes everything so easy and does all the hard work. Disney requires a lot of knowledge and can quickly become overwhelming, but it was such a breeze with Joni. She is very knowledgeable and was always available to answer questions-even when we were at Disney! She is our go to girl!

- Sonja Crawford


Our 3D agent (Joni Nilson) has always gone far and beyond with all of our planning. She helped us plan a family reunion cruise for 39 people. With families living in different states and different needs, she was able to take care of all of it. We had two family members with special dietary needs and medical situations, she took care of everything! I will continue to use Joni for all my travel needs. We are already booking the next multi family cruise with her.

- Roseann Estrada
Carnival Cruise


We just booked our second trip to Alaska with Joni. She is so quick and easy to work with! She seems as genuinely excited about our trips as we are.

- Amanda Fenwick


3D helped me out so much i previously used them to go on a family vacation to Disney with my family and I honestly didn't realize how much of a help they could be. I am now planning my honeymoon and the ease of booking the trip and planning it has been an unreal experience. Normally when I travel the planning is put solely on me, making it hard to enjoy the trip. I believe using 3D travel is now the only way to travel without worrying. Thank you for making my booking experience enjoyable!!

- Kelsi Noelle Aguillard


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