Denise was great! I had never been to Disney World before and didn't really know where to start planning for the trip. She made everything easy and helped me figure out the best way to propose to my now fiance! I will definitely be contacting Denise on future Disney trips.

- John Eric Moore
Walt Disney World


We had an agent that we dearly loved and due to family circumstances, she had to leave the company. She sent our account to Denise. I was anxious about changing agents - this is a trip of a lifetime for us - but Denise is fantastic! She answers all of our questions and has give me so much information. I am confident that our trip will be the best ever because of Denise's expertise. She knows all the ins and outs and is helping me plan the trip that is right for our family - not a cookie cutter package.

- Tamara Miller
Walt Disney World


Our agent made our trip stress free!! No matter what question or concern we had, she always had an answer. She was even available while we were on our trip. Would definitely use this agent again. We have already recommended her for friends planning a trip to Disney World.

- Tiffany Van Zandbergen
Walt Disney World

I've been apprehensive about taking this trip. It is unlike anything we've done before. Each time I think of planning out events, the planning becomes overwhelming.

Denise has been terrific and very patient explaining everything and walking me through each step. She has a wealth of knowledge and has made the process fun and exciting! I've had to contact her on several occasions to inquire about making changes.

Denise has made herself available every time and is a joy to work with! I've made a new friend in the process of it all.

- Mary-Ann Allen
Walt Disney World


We took our ten year old daughter on a surprise birthday trip to Disneyland the week before Thanksgiving. Denise planned our trip less than 2 weeks before we left. This trip was the 5th or 6th trip Denise has planned for us (yes, we're total Dis-nerds).

Denise booked us at a great hotel off property (because if you wait til the last minute, Disney properties are booked). Our tickets to the park, the Anaheim Rapid Transit, and the San Diego Zoo were at the front desk when we checked in. It had been forever since we had been to Disneyland, but Denise sent us park touring plans so we had a plan of attack. Everything was seamless. After Disneyland, we headed to San Diego. Denise booked us in a great location and our trip was fantastic.

Denise has booked 2 trips to Disney World, 2 cruises (one Disney Cruise), and one trip to Disneyland for our family. She always gets us the best deals, puts us in the best spots (room location on a ship or Walt Disney World resort), and just makes our trips better. She is very good at anticipating what we'd like to do and telling us about things we don't know. Denise also works around our trip budgets, while letting us know all the options. We appreciate all of Denise's hard work and look forward to her continuing to plan our Disney adventures.

- Stephanie Mccaffity


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