I just can't say enough about Amy! A friend gave me Amy's contact information after I had already booked a cruise with another company. I had never used a travel agent in the past, so I didn't know how bad the one I have for my upcoming cruise is, until now. I am traveling with friends and they picked the agent. The current agent booked the cruise - period. She never offered to put our rooms near each other, never discussed travel insurance and did not have us prepay our gratuities. Thank goodness we figured that out before the cruise. But enough of the bad.

Then I had the pleasure of meeting Amy, who is now planning another cruise for me this summer. Talk about night and day experiences. I have received so much information about my summer cruise from Amy and that is when I realized that I got a raw deal with the other company. Amy makes me feel like I am her only client and I know that is not the case. I always feel like she really cares and wants my vacation to be the best. I told her she is like a wedding planner - all I have to do is show up.

Because Amy is so awesome, I also have her planning a 2024 Disney cruise with my family.

- Patricia Wilders Burd
Cruise Vacation (January 2023)

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