Amy was amazingly patient with each change I had to make. The cruise started out with 8 people and 2 cabins. Then 3 cabins. Then the hurricanes came but she was reassuring we’d still have good time, not because she was selling on still going but from travel experience. I trusted her judgement. Within our family, as questions were raised, it started out as “What does Amy think about...” and ended “When I checked my email, Amy said...” She was always quick to respond! Then one family member couldn’t go. Amy was patient with this change and worked the situtation so it didn’t cost anything extra. Right before the cruise, a family member got sick and Amy was patient with me dealing with that cancelation. She again tried to work it where the additional costs were minimal. She offered helpful hints on what to do once on the boat to make it more to what we wanted. I’m praying our next vacation plans go smoother for her!  So yes, we will be looking to her for our beach resort vacation!! Sorry if this was too long but I wanted you to known how helpful Amy was to making this cruise work.

- Stacy Dionne Harpole
Holland America Line


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