This past June, after waiting an extra year, Jolanta and I got married. Now we are both halloween nuts and it only made sense to take our honeymoon in October. Now with the world turned upside down and things changing at breakneck speed, using a travel agent is needed more than ever to keep people on point...You add in the mix of finalizing wedding plans, purchasing a home and working crazy hours and what you have is a potential for the perfect storm and a disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully, we had Missy. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and gave our list to Missy...All I can say is Missy knocked it out of the park. With everything on our wish list and knowing what we like, Missy was able to put one of the best itineraries together. She kept us fully informed at all times and was very responsive to sudden changes and last minute requests. Missy made sure we maximized our time, and money.

Thank You Missy,

- Alfonso D Gianfrancisco
Orlando Florida

Missy gave my family all kinds of inside tips and saved us hundreds of dollars. Without her advice, it probably would have taken us twice as long to have done half as much. She is so honest and generous with detailed help, and her knowledge goes deep!! It’s almost scary how much she knows about the land of the mouse. :)

- M Kelly Greene


Missy has assisted us with planning 2 trips to Disney World. She is very efficient and responds in a timely manner. If better pricing becomes available or there are specials, she is great and will let you know. You can ask her for advice on where to eat or where to stay, and she will make recommendations based on your budget and preferences. We appreciate her hard work and assistance.

- Jessica Marie Jackson
Disney World


We’ve used Missy twice now and we have had the best experience ever on both occasions. We are currently working on our third vacation with her right now. 

- Joe Ezso


Missy is a great travel agent. She would always get back with me in a timely manner and if she didn’t know the answer to my question right away she would always find out and get back with me quickly. She is very knowledgeable about Walt Disney World and all the planning that goes along with planning a very magical vacation. I appreciated all her help and planning. I will be using her again on our next big vacation that we plan.

- Carrie R Cooper
Walt Disney World


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