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Trenton was one of the many kids who participated in 3D Travel Company's Ultimate Field Trip during our homeschool Walt Disney World take over years!  UFT had a heyday and Trenton's family was a part of it.  After he grew up, he kept in touch and when he found the love of his life, he came right back and booked his honeymoon through 3D Travel.  I've loved seeing him grow up and thrive over the years, finding his love and finding his voice!

I founded my business on many principles - Faith, Family and Vision are the primary things I keep in my sights as I hope to inspire my team to the next level of care for those who entrust their very precious time and money into our hands.  And I receive opportunities for sponsorship, partnership and mentorship every day of the week and constantly have to turn them down because I'm only one person and I have to choose wisely! But when it came to Trenton, I didn't hesitate.  He's the real deal, and I can see his passion and personality come through with each podcast.  

We are excited to partner with Trenton Larkin and "Who Did That Voice?"!

- Carol Beth Scott
Owner of 3D Travel Company

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Hello everyone, my name is Trenton Larkin and I am the creator and host of Who Did That Voice. This show will take you on an indepth look into voiceover, the actors behind the voices, and the industry of voiceover itself. Please join me every Friday morning for a new episode that will be waiting to greet you as you prepare for the day ahead, commute to work, workout, or while you complete any daily task where you just have to know... "Who Did That Voice?".

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