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Choose Healing through Travel

​Goofy. Giddy. Laughing through the tears. Travel has magical healing properties and I nearly missed it for my family.

Imagine if I hadn't gone with my *mommy gut feeling* and instead, kept convincing myself I couldn't afford it. If I'd believed the voice in my head that said "Family vacations were for other people, not us!" Imagine if we hadn't just gone; spent the last dollar in our bank account on faith that it was an investment in our future happiness. Imagine.

We would have missed out on the healing. Our babies would have missed out on the healing. 

Our laughter wouldn't have returned quite so quickly.

And 3D Travel would never have happened. The 3D Travel Family wouldn't have formed. Thousands of memories, relationships, prayers spoken and answered - all of them wouldn't have existed. It's an unimagineable cost we would have paid because of my fears. 

But we didn't walk in fear. We walked in faith And because of it, we walked in joy. 

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Becoming a Disney Earmarked Agency!

Our first visit to the Earmarked Conference in 2009!

​In 2008, we were excited to receive an honor from the Walt Disney Travel Company that we'd been waiting anxiously for - we were being Earmarked and could proudly display the title of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner!

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Disney Travel Agents do NOT Exist! (REALLY!)

You may think you've booked a trip with a "Disney Travel Agent" but I promise you - you have NOT! 

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#My3DTravel1st l Where will YOU go this year?

Whether it's a 1st trip, 1st cruise, theme park or beach trip or just your 1st time to finally try the escargot, you'll have so much more fun with #My3DTravel1st going on ALL YEAR LONG! 

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Amazing Posts coming Soon!

​Stand back! Demolition is going on right this minute!

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