Would you like to be part of the best team on the planet?

3D Travel is the best team in the business and only seeks individuals ready to make amazing trips happen for very special people. We're adding to our team right now!

Special Notice: We will be holding our next 3D National Meeting in October 2017 in McKinney, TX. This is when you get the chance to meet and bond with your mentor and the team in person. We have nearly 100% attendance at our National Meetings, held every two years. It's the best step you can take to skyrocket your sales to the next level!

You may have a few questions so we answered some of the "biggies" below. If you have any questions after reading this page, please contact us. We'd be happy to answer your questions!

What is a normal time commitment?

  • Part time hours: 20 to 30 hours a week – we recommend a minimum of 20 hours per week in order to successfully launch your own personal branch of 3D Travel. You'll spend the time in continuing education, marketing yourself and caring for clients.
  • Full time hours: 30 or more per week
  • Topical Conference calls are held as needed.
  • Onsite training includes Disney Destinations and Cruises, Universal Orlando and our highly anticipated 3D National Meeting.

What is a normal financial commitment?

  • A dedicated computer - preferably a laptop, if you will be traveling. Your computer should be no more than 3 years old and be able to run the latest operating system for which it was designed.
  • A dedicated phone line for your clientele and vendors with texting capabilities.
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other online accounts
  • A good and secure wifi connection

Company Structure & Compensation

We are a purely commission based company and have no employees, only independent contractors. What sets us apart from other Disney Destination and Universal Orlando Agencies is we work as a team. We train together, meet and travel together as often as we can and we share the burden of the work that is required to make the magic happen. Who is our team?

Carol Beth Scott - Founder/Owner/CEO
Carol Beth is in charge of Marketing, Promotions and vendor relations. Her goal is to help you find ways to build your sales and believe in yourself.

David Scott - Owner/CFO
David handles all commissions, including chasing yours down if need be. He also handles payroll and processes and does the money end of all our dealings with any vendors or promotional outlets.

Charlene Hanyzewski - COO
Charlene is 3D's Daily Operations manager. She handles the application and all major processes on a daily basis. She is the first point of contact for every applicant from application to contract offer & also oversees certification training. She also oversees all group trips and is 3D's agent advocate.

Brady McCain - Our Webmaster
Brady of Go Mylo Web Design cares for the website and email. You will pay him $150.00 directly when you are offered a contract then another $50 upon completion of your 10th booking.


What do the webmaster fees include?

Your initial payment of $150.00 includes creating a new email address, adding you to the agent menu system, adding you to the "Contact" page, adding you to the Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and Authorization forms, and creating a tracking code to help you retain your clients.

Your second payment of $50.00 includes creating your agent page, formatting / enhancing your agent headshot, creating a 'Reviews' page, creating a 'Reviews' module for your agent page, and creating a 'Credentials' module for your agent page.


What is the minimum level of commitment required?

There are two things you're considering as you think about becoming a part of our team. There is your minimum commitment, which is keeping up with correspondence, following through in care for any clients you have and continuing education. A minimum commitment without clientele is going to be 5 to 10 hours a week. Once you have clients the good news is they keep you educated and your Continuing Education becomes something that happens naturally, instead of something you have to go chase down.

Then there is the maximum commitment, which is for the few who want to make a living at this and become a top agent, able to experience future opportunities and break into new brackets of sales. These are the people who will be looking at every training as an opportunity, ever marketing plan as something to be tackled until they have so many generations of clientele they need to scale back their own promotions, lest they get in over their head.

Most of you will fall somewhere in between and the genius of the 3D structure is that everyone can fit into the plan. I would encourage you; however, if the minimum requirement of trainings and communications are more than you can imagine yourself doing, then it's probably best to wait until another season in your life. The agents who stepped forward and out on a limb are being amply rewarded. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Why 3D Travel instead of another agency?

Carol-Beth personally founded 3D Travel in 2005 after our family experienced a tragedy and laughed again together for the first time during a trip to Walt Disney World. Since then, our agency has grown organically when we could support the growth, and only then! Our first agents - Amy Pruitt, Kim Deviese, Charlene Hanyzewski & Denise Stufflebeam, along with our webmaster Brady McCain and CFO David Scott, all came aboard at the same time the end of 2007. They're still here! They've helped create and shepherd this company into what it is today. We aren't a team. We're a family. As we've expanded how much we sell, we've used that additional income to create a company that we truly believe is the best out there. We have technological tools available to make your job simple. When Brady sets a new agent up, he provides you with a tracking code that allows you to send any of the thousands of pages on our website and blog, including complimentary quote forms. These codes will have each visitor automatically tracked as YOUR client. Also, we love our agents who sell enough to keep us building this beautiful company, and we provide an annual retreat each year for those agents. In 2016, our top 2 went on a concierge cruise aboard the Disney Dream. In 2017 we're sending the next tiers of agents on a (surprise!) trip in the fall. We also have mentoring and leadership programs to work towards. We KNOW that money isn't what motivates most of us. I knew I wouldn't want to work somewhere where all I had to look forward to was more cash in my account. Not that there is anything wrong with that (it's nice!) but I need more to stay happy. At 3D Travel, we make sure everyone receives more than just commission - so very much more!

I don’t really understand what this job “looks” like. Can you help me understand it better?

To understand, let's look at a booking from beginning to end. 1st, you get a lead (sometimes through us, but usually generated yourself) Then, You send a quote with our standardized quote forms, having used the applicable website or calling in via the recommended travel agent phone line. The consistent process for 3D is Tell/Do/Tell. You always tell the client you're going to do something (in the case of the quote there is an autoresponder saying it will be a maximum of 24 hours - we encourage 2 hours or less - as your first "Tell") then you Do it for the client, then you Tell them you did it. The 2nd Tell also includes sending David Scott the details of your bookings along the way - but only after a deposit has been made on the booking.

After the quote, you follow up and hopefully you will get into discourse with your client about their choices. You may have to do additional quotes as well, to find exactly what they need. Once you help them find the best choices, they apply a deposit through our secure credit card authorization form. You apply the payment. You Tell/Do/Tell the payment and you send David the agency copies. Of course you follow all the security processes you’ve been trained on to keep their information safe and secure. All of their information is dumped from our system weekly.

After that, you begin planning their trip with them - we keep up with park hours, events, dining, refurbishments, ports of call, excursions, etc. We have standardized forms for each step of the process, which you will be fully trained to use.

One of the last emails/forms you send is for final payment. You will follow the same process you did for the deposit.Final papers are also standardized. Commission penalties apply if you don't get your records in on time or fail to care for your client.

Of course, you follow up afterwards with your client.



How do I apply?

  1. Record and upload to YouTube a video application per the instructions below. This will need to be completed before submitting the application in Step #2 so you can paste the link into the form.
  2. Submit an application
  3. Have at least three references submit a recommendation for you
  4. Applying to be a Central Florida Specialists? Take this Walt Disney World Knowledge Test
  5. Applying to be a Cruise Line Specialist? Take this Cruise Line Knowledge Test

Good luck! We review and notify new applicants who have submitted by the first Monday of the month.

Video Instructions:

Please keep the video under 5 minutes, answer your questions naturally and share your personality with us in the best way you know how. Use a smartphone, flip camera or rent high tech camera, we don’t care! What we’re concerned about is you – not your equipment. Use the following prompts:

  • I am ____________________
  • My First Magical Moment - Central Florida Specialist Applicants Only
  • My favorite Cruise Moment - Cruise Line Specialist Applicants Only
  • How I got here
  • What I want to accomplish as a 3D Travel Specialist
  • What I plan to enjoy and experience as a 3D Travel Specialist
  • And……

Before you begin, watch our sample video.
How do I make my video "unlisted"?

If you have other questions that you think should be covered on this page, please email us and we’ll get them added in. Once again, thank you for your interest in joining the team at 3D Travel Company!