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It's Potty Time!


I don't care how much you want to pretend you're going to be able to drive straight-through-without-stopping.  You are NOT going to do that, and you might as well deal with it now, my friend.  Once you've dealt with this reality, it's time to plan ahead to make life pleasant. 

Let's Get-R-Done and make pottying fun, again!

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Packing for your Road Trip


​​Seems like most of us put packing off to the last minute! I know this by the frantic Facebook posts you all share the night before you head out to the vacation of a lifetime. When you think of all the hours you spent earning the money on a vacation, plus the planning to get off work, finishing classes/errands/obligations on time, buying everything needed, not to mention all it takes to decide on the right place to sleep, where to eat and what entertainment you're planning on enjoying, you're being ridiculous. I'm just going to say it - ridiculous! Why?

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