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Printable Disney Cruise Adventure Book


​Using this printable before your next Disney Cruise could save you from a true tragedy at sea!  Just ask Hannah!

I'll never forget our first Disney Cruise!  Sweet little Hannah was so excited to go aboard the ship!  That was, until the muster drill.  The drill is where you learn where you go in case of an emergency by actually going there & taking roll.  You no longer need to put on a life-jacket when you go to the drill, but back then you put it on. It's a simple drill, and not scary at all! 

But to Hannah, it was a nightmare, and we didn't know it! She looks pretty happy to arrive at the port, here.  she's short, sassy & dressed like Minnie Mouse.  All is right as far as we knew. Noah fans, check out his cute self in the background. Awwww.....

Happy Hannah didn't last! Check her out in the picture below, during the actual drill. From left to right, that's Hannah, Noah, Daniel & Joshua. Everyone looks happy & goofy in the picture, except one little minnie girl. She's not happy ANYmore! In fact, we found out later, she was terrified!

You see, in her little 5-year-old head, when we described the drill, she had come to some pretty crazy conclusions!  She thought part of the drill was jumping OFF the ship INTO the ocean. She was sitting there - look at that face! - and she was just waiting her turn to take this plunge. We'd just looked at the water from deck 10!  I didn't know she looked down and thought she would have to jump from that height!

Brave.  Gutsy.  Good Attitude.  Yes!  All of the above!  When we found out what was going on under those Minnie ears, we were so proud of her stoic attitude in the face of fear. But it also kept us from learning about it! And this all would have been solved with the handy dandy book you can now download & print at home! Save yourself & print, color & talk about your cruise with your little Mouseketeers!

Hannah, waiting to jump overboard, sits with a smiling Noah, exuberant Daniel and

By clicking on the link above, you'll open a folder in Google Drive.  You can either download an entire pdf or the pictures individually.  All rights, pictures, copyrights, characters, fonts, wording, cuteness - ALL of it is owned by Disney.  Not me!  I should be so lucky.  :-) 

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