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Happy News - LaLa Land Kind Cafe


While everyone is struggling to get through these hard times, we asked ourselves how could we help you, our favorite people? And we answered it with the obvious - ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HAPPY! So here it is!

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We're not in the business of coffee — we're definitely in the business of kindness"

- Frances Reihani, owner of LaLaLand Kind Cafe 

We've been to LaLa Land Kindness Cafe & you know what? The food is good & the service is spectacular. But that's not even close to the best part. This cafe in Dallas, Texas is actually built on KINDness. 

Recently showcased on CBS News, LaLaLand Kind Cafe is doing something pretty special by hiring kids who have aged out of the Texas Foster Care system. Frances Reihani, owner & visionary of this exceptional business, admits it cuts into the profits while expressing his earnest desire to make a difference. 

And he does! It's people like Frances who make our hearts happy. Follow them on Instagram (below) and keep the smiles going. And when you're in Dallas, stop on by!


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