Our agent, Missy helped me plan an Alaska Cruise for our family. There were twelve of us. She made this exciting trip so easy for me. I told her exactly what

I wanted for our cruise and she made it happen! There were specials she was able to get for us that we're great. Dining with our family at night was very important to me. She was able to, arrange our table location and setting just like I wanted. I was so happy. my husband is on a scooter therefore limited to only certain trips at ports. Our agent selected excellent ones for us and my husband loved them!!!! I highly recommend this cruise. The views are breathtaking and the weather was perfect, Of course, we had no control over the weather. This trip was a memory we will never forget, especially our grandchildren. Again. without Missy who planned this trip it would not have been as good. Certainly will use our 3D Travel Agent again.

- Nancy Kugel
Princess Cruises


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