Disney World here we come! Thank you Holly!

First time working with Holly Lindsey and she made our trip reservations so easy. I knew nothing about making reservations and she did it all. She got us our suggested hotel, helped with the decision on the best of 2 times of the yr, to go to Disney. She helped me with the decision on meal reservations, what park was best for the days we were there, even Fastpass decisions. She gave me some advice on what I could take into the parks, she is awesome. I'm taking my 7-year-old granddaughter, she is so excited. Holly is the best!


Holly did a wonderful job planning our trip. We had 8 people traveling; 4 adults and 4 children. At first we were not sure where we wanted to go (somewhere warm) so Holly gave us a wide selection of places to choose from. She answered every question (no matter how small or crazy) for us and planned every detail perfectly to meet our needs!!! I would recommend using Holly as a travel agent when going anywhere. She plans the entire trip so all you have to do is show up!!!

- Jodi Hockenberry
Riviera Maya


Holly Lindsey, my 3D agent, made my reservations so easy for me. I actually left most of the work for her to reserve. I was too afraid of not picking the right things, or making a computer mistake, so she did it all for me. She helped from the hotel, theme parks, meal plans, and even some helpful tidbits on what to take into the park and maneuvering around the parks. I could not have done it without her. I still call or email her with questions. It is getting close, so I better soon know what I am doing. I have written all the information down that she has given me. I still have a little over a week, but I am packed and ready to go. My granddaughter is ohhh so ready. Thanks Holly.

- Susan A Askey
Orlando, Fl


Holly Lindsey was our travel agent and she did a remarkable job helping us find the right place for us to do our first ever all-inclusive resort. We traveled in a group of 8 with 4 children who were picky eaters and ranged in age from 9 to 14 years of age. I had read some reviews of this place and had some concerns. Holly sent us some videos which were a big help because I could see for myself what the place looked like and what all it had to offer and the different restaurants to choose from. Because I was taking my 13 year old granddaughter without her mother, she sent me special consent forms to be filled out by her in case I needed them. Anytime I had a question or concern she was more than willing to provide the answer or research it until she found the answer. She had all the shuttle arrangements made for us to and from our resort. There were many activities for the kids at the beach and at the pools. There was a day camp for the younger kids as well as for the teenagers if we would have decided to use them. I will definitely use Holly again the next time we plan a vacation like this.

- Linda Peters
Riviera Maya, Mexico


Holly has made everything so easy regarding planning our very first family trip to Disney. She has walked us through everything from hotels to dining plans to fast pass; things that I know I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I love that she is so easy to work with and answers any questions quickly. I cant wait to tell my friends and family who travel about her! I also cannot wait to go to Disney in December!

- Brandi Renee Robinson
Will be going to Disney


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