Do you want to know how to spell out a successful Disney Vacation??? It's spelled Charlene Hanyzewski! Let me just start by saying that our trip was fantastic! The worst part of it was the fact that we had to pack it up and fly back home frown. Charlene did a fantastic job in everything from getting us the best deals offered, to helping us pick a resort, to taking care of our dining reservations, and everything else that is a part of Disney. Just a little bit of advice on going to Disney from me to you:

1) Decide right now to go!

2) Decide to stay on property at a Disney Resort and do the Dining plan. I promise you will not regret it and actually save some money.

3) Get ready to have fun. It is what you make of it but with Disney you have to try really really really hard to have a bad time.

4) The final and most important part of the Disney trip... Use CHARLENE HANYZEWSKI to plan your trip for the above 3 things to happen and to enjoy every second of it. I can not communicate with you exactly how much easier Disney was because of her!!!

With all this said I cannot wait to go back and I WILL be using Charlene again and again and again!

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