I tried planning on my own, once. And that was all it took to know that I needed a someone with greater knowledge and time than I, to plan. We planned our first Disney trip in 2006. I used all the online 'helpers' to try and plan the best trip ever; stressed for months trying to get all of the details taken care of; made a thousand calls to Disney setting up rooms, reservations and specials; searched to make sure we could get all of the discounts available. I was exhausted even before we left. Planning our days to the tee and we hated it. I promised myself I would never do this again. Then I was led to 3D Travel. What a God send. 4 trips later and I will never look back thanks to Charlene.

Charlene is, from the beginning, on top of all of the details, full of wisdom on how, when and what to do with special dining/events. No matter how many times I email her with questions, she responds so patiently and promptly. She will take time to call me and work out any items that are just too much to handle in an email. She's been simply wonderful! One time in particular really stands out, though. We had a change that needed to be made in our dates close to the last minute and we needed to make sure we could get the best price. On a Sunday, on her way to a youth event at her church, she called me just to let me know that she was working on it and everything would work out just fine.

We would have probably never gone back to Disney after our first experience. But, with Charlene, our Peace was restored and we have had some of our best vacations at Disney World! Thank you Charlene.

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