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        Hello! My name is Allison Woodward and I’m here to talk to you about my obsession with all things fun, relaxed, and silly! That’s Disney wrapped up in a package! Since I was little there wasn’t a day that went by that there wasn’t a Disney movie playing after school. Me and my brother (my best friend) and two sisters knew every word to every song to every Disney Movie! Growing up we were pretty tight on money, so my parents tried to bring life and fun into every possible moment! Friday night movie and homemade pizza, taking a small roadside trip and stopping to pick cotton in the fields or hike up a cactus infested hill just to feel like we were on an adventure. Every year my mom would make us elaborate princess dresses out of satin curtains and tablecloths… making these heavy realistic and gorgeous costumes for our birthdays. She would even make sparkly castle mansions out of cardboard to complete the experience. There was never a dull moment!

        Then one day a tragedy happened in our family that caused a depression to dampen the spirit of what we built. There were very few laughs and good memories made, and we all clung together to just make it day by day. It was the memories built as a family that brought us through this  time. We were grateful to have invested in quality time  and to have made those moments a priority in our lives. It gave us the strength we needed to get back to normal, and my friends, that's what happened! My family healed, and we are back to making every moment special and full of life through traveling and making every moment silly and fun! 

        I chose to be a 3D Travel Agent knowing how powerful family memories can be. In my previous career, I used to work with people who have Autism. One moment that I remember fondly is getting the opportunity to help a family and their boy. We worked on getting him ready for plane rides, roller coasters, loud noises, and everything in between! When this sweet family got back they cried telling me that it was their first vacation problem free. As a 3D Travel Agent I can do my very best to give families what I once received, a problem free break from the chaos of life to have fun, laugh and maybe even heal. 

        I am very excited to partner with you and get to know what you and your family are looking for in a vacation. I am as hands off and as hands on as you me to be, available to you 24/7. If I don’t have the answer I have the resources to dig them up for you so you can sit back and relax. Turn on those Disney movies, pop the popcorn, and start building those good memories before your vacation even begins! Can’t wait to meet you!

Allison Woodward


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